CNC4 Guelph Airpark



5/5 (20)

Guelph Airpark (CNC4) is an uncontrolled airport in southern Ontario, Canada and was founded by Len Ariss in 1954. Guelph Airpark has two runways; one of which, offers several obstructions, a narrow width, and a challenging length, thus contributing to a difficult approach which had forced Transport Canada to prohibit all pilot training on runway 05/23.

Nav Canada classifies Guelph as an airport of entry on a call-out-basis from Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF). The airport takes small General Aviation traffic with no more than 15 passengers each. Guelph Airpark is also home to Airpark Café, a popular local restaurant where you can watch planes come and go as you enjoy your meal.

This airport compliments our other Canadian scenery, Waterloo International (CYKF), and contributes to making the VFR flying experience around the Greater Toronto Area more enjoyable.

Features: Accurate representation of Guelph Airpark High fidelity, high performance models 4k and 8k textures Night lighting and emissive textures PBR channel rendering Ortho correction blending Correct Elevation per CFS Airport Lighting per CFS Custom ground textures Dynamic window rain effects Parking lot density per BingMaps-2021 Accurate power line and power meter placement All buildings fitted with interiors Hand-placed fences