CZBA Burlington Executive Airport



4.9/5 (15)

Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA) is an uncontrolled airport in southern Ontario, Canada and was founded by Victor and Gwen Kovachik in 1962. Being one of the busiest general aviation airports in Ontario, Burlington Executive Airport thrives with dozens of general aviation departures and arrivals each day. CZBA is home to Spectrum Airways, a popular local flight school, as well as over 100 privately owned hangars and an aircraft maintenance facility. Located close to Lake Ontario and next to the Niagara Escarpment, the airport provides scenic approaches and is a great addition to enhancing the VFR flying experience around the Greater Toronto Area and making the experience more enjoyable. In the coming years, CZBA is expected to receive an increase in traffic due to the possible closure of Buttonville Municipal Airport. Burlington Executive Airport is our latest addition to our collection of Southern Ontario airports including Guelph (CNC4) and Waterloo (CYKF).


  • Accurate replica of Burlington Air Park
  • Highly accurate modelling from original images, personal experiences, facility tours, aerial photography, and other sources
  • Custom ground textures
  • Correct airport and runway elevations (per CFS)
  • Correct elevations around vicinity of the airport
  • Airport lighting (per CFS)
  • Correct tree height on approach/departure
  • Correct runway dirt, lines, and markings
  • 3D Glass with Dynamic Rain
  • Volumetric night lighting
  • Highly detailed airport environment with hundreds of hand placed objects
  • Accurate power line and power meter placements
  • Hangar interiors
  • Correct VASI angles
  • Static parking lot density (per Bing maps 2021)