Unofficial MSFS Marketplace Browser is an unofficial browser for Flight Simulator's ingame marketplace. Browse, filter, and sort aircraft, airports, scenery, and more without booting up the sim.

The marketplace was last updated 7/17/2024, 2:39:52 PM and this site was updated 7/17/2024, 5:52:11 PM.

Care is taken to match the ingame marketplace where possible - with a few helpful additions - but the data here is not guaranteed to be accurate, up to date, or priced properly. Prices are only displayed in estimated USD. Items and their associated content are copyright Microsoft, Asobo, and/or Marketplace Developers.

The marketplace data powering this website is almost fully automated - but not quite. I'll need another copy of MSFS on Steam to fully automate updates - you can chip in to help fund this and the overall upkeep of the site at Ko-fi. Currently, data updates are performed manually on Thursdays as well as shortly after the release of anticipated items.

If you have questions or comments, let me know! I hope to make some more feature additions in the future, but can't promise anything. Sale tracking comes to mind :)

Some related projects:
🗺️ Handcrafted Airports map: Barebones map of airports added in each free game update
📸 Planes, every 3 hours! Includes flight tracking data if available

Happy flying!
— Zack