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Continue the most thorough and entertaining exploration of Australia ever seen for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Along the way get a taste of Aussie culture and humour from a local larrikin.

PC and XBox: Fly any of 4 different aircraft in each mission!

Boeing F/A 18E Super Hornet - Fighter Jet. Capable of supersonic flight. Can complete each flight in 10-15 minutes. Bell Model 407 - Helicopter. Great for getting up close and personal with the scenery. Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000) - Light aircraft, popular for personal travel and sightseeing. Cubcrafters NX Cub - A modernised version of the Piper Cub, geared to bush flying. It has a moving map in the cockpit and is easy to take off and land in.

Contents Australia 2 continues your in-depth tour of Australia in the state of New South Wales with 25 flights in New South Wales' N.S.W. New England North West, North Coast and Central West & Orana regions.

N.S.W - North Coast

Grafton Coast and the Clarence River:, Distance 77 nm Grafton's Gorgeous Rivers, Distances 92, 26, 34 Evans Head Air Weapons Range, Distances 28, 12 Ballina to Byron via Twin Towns Distances: 91, 24, 36 nm Mount Warning, but 'Bob's your uncle' Distance: 86 nm Beef Capital of Australia Distance: 111 nm

N.S.W. - New England North West

Birthplace of Australia Distance: 129 nm Mann and Boyd River Valleys Distance: 88 nm Inverell, Sapphire City Distance: 94 nm Oxley Wild River Gorges Distance: 118 nm A Day at the Races Distances: 66, 20, 16, 6 nm Tamworth’s Valleys Distances: 77, 40, 6, 5 nm Quirindi, Wallabadah & Currububula Distance: 61 nm Cotton Pickin' Moree Distance: 111 nm Narrabri's Massive Mines Distance: 81 nm CSIRO Paul Wild Observatory Distance: 47 nm Gunnedah & Lake Keepit Distance: 87 nm

N.S.W. - Central West & Orana

Coonabarabran & the Warrumbungles Distance 49 nm Gilgandra, the Long Water Hole Distance: 57 nm Dubbo and the Cotton Gins Distance: 110 nm Mudgee, Nest in the Hills Distance: 91 nm Bathurst Gladiators Distances: 72, 42, 10 nm There's gold in them thar hills!' Distance: 55 nm Per Ardua ad Astra Distance: 83 nm Carpe Cuprum Distance: 107 nm


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