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In Australia 4 we wrap up the most detailed exploration ever published of the Land Down Under's premiere state: New South Wales.

Explore the living, breathing landscape of Australia as you follow the rivers and highways, find the dams and lakes, travel the major highways and enoy the sparkling beaches.

From the mighty Murray River to the spectacular Snowy Mountauns and the lush Southern Tablelands, this group of flights has something for every palate.

PC and XBox: Fly any of 4 different aircraft in each mission!

Boeing F/A 18E Super Hornet - Fighter Jet. Capable of supersonic flight. Can complete each flight in 10-15 minutes. Bell Model 407 - Helicopter. Great for getting up close and personal with the scenery. Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000) - Light aircraft, popular for personal travel and sightseeing. Cubcrafters NX Cub - A modernised version of the Piper Cub, geared to bush flying. It has a moving map in the cockpit and is easy to take off and land in.


N.S.W. | Riverina Murray

’You say Airana, I say Urana’, 64 nm ’Murrumbidgee to Murray, south and east of Balanrald’, 99 nm ’Lake Mulwala’, 89 nm ’A Birdie for Bradman’, 82 nm ’The Peppin Merino Affair’, 122 nm Griffith's Griffin and the Japanese Print Affair’, 87 nm ’Griffith and the Post War Boom’, 59 nm ’Cryptic Crop Circles’, 63 nm ’Albury and Lake Hume’, 82 nm ’Leeton, Barellan, Yanco and Wimbledon’, 65 nm The Wagga Effect’, 107 nm ’Kapooka, Home of the Soldier’, 77 nm ’Warbirds of Temora’, 61 nm ’Dog on the Tuckerbox’, 140 nm ’Snowy Mountains Scheme’, 101 nm ’West Wyalong by Drysdale’, 98 nm

N.S.W. | South East and Tablelands

’Thredbo, Perisher and Mt Kosciusko’, 79 nm ’Lake Eucumbene’, 75 nm ’Return to Eden’, 99 nm ’Bega and Bermagui’, 86 nm ’Batemans Bay, Pearl of the South’, 73 nm ’Narooma’, 61 nm ’Goulburn to Lake George’, 69 nm ’The Big Merino’, 81 nm ’Southern Gentry’, 100 nm


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