Blast through the Alps + Swiss F/A-18 Livery

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4.7/5 (21)

This package contains a mission that will take you across the Swiss Alps at top speed and rock-bottom low-level flight! Between forests and lakes, deep valleys, and high mountains, dizzying rocky ridges and glaciers you will overfly 17 active and former airbases in 20 minutes!

The package includes the colorful F/A-18 special paint scheme of the Swiss Air Force, which was applied to the aircraft with the registration J-5014 in 2014 for the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Air Force.

CONTENT 1 Special Swiss Livery for the F/A-18 aircraft. 1 Bushtrip, consisting of one flight from Emmen to Ambri, 148 miles long, taking just 20 minutes!

The highlights are 17 active and former Swiss air bases in the Alps, which are overflown at an average rate of almost one airport per minute! This single mission is not long but spicy! You can fly this route again and again, once at low altitude and once at high altitude, discovering each time the fascination of the High Alps in a different and completely new way. Personally, the author of this addon has flown this route countless times and the impressions when blasting in close proximity to Alpine terrain are breathtaking every time!

As the runway of two of the closed airfields along the route are hardly recognizable anymore in the sim, you might consider the bundle below, which consists of the "Blast through the Alps"-mission and the two reconstructed airports of Ulrichen and Frutigen.