Canada (Mission Pack)

Nordheim Missions


4.5/5 (14)

Welcome to Canada.

It's more than a journey, it's CANADA.

Experience endless flying pleasure in the vast expanses of Canada. Breathtaking mountains, endless forests and lakes and rivers that exist nowhere else.

These Canada missions will take you to Western Canada to the Elias Mountains, the Columbia and Rocky Mountains.

You can freely choose the weather, which guarantees timeless enjoyment of the missions under different conditions. Live weather is preset. Most of the assistance options are at your disposal. You can easily start and increase your level of difficulty individually.

Yukon: Fly into the mountains of the Elias Range, discover the gold rush atmosphere and the SS Klondike II. The journey will be your flight plan. Besides the predefined waypoints, there is much to discover. Speaking hints in the mission will guide you there. You fly the Savage Cub, a small and agile aircraft ideal for the region. But watch your fuel, you won't get to the destination without refueling. The mission has 5 legs with a total distance of over 500 nm and takes about 5 to 5.5 hours without detours.

Rocky Mountains

Two separate bush trips will take you to the Rocky Mountains. Originally planned as a single trip, it quickly became clear that there is so much to discover here: several waterfalls, countless lakes and rivers, deep valleys and high mountains. Therefore, you get two bush trips with 10 legs each. Both missions are kept classic, so you can see the landscape undisturbed. In the first part you fly the X Cub for 780nm and more than 7h and 30min duration. In the second part you will change to the Mudry Cab 10 for 800nm and more than 7 hours. Take care of your fuel and refuel in time.

Landing Challenges Three landing challenges are included in the pack and will test your skills in different conditions, airports and aircraft. The epic and famous challenge have live weather presets that you can also change. This offers you a new landing challenge each day.

Port Hardy (Strong Wind): Under adverse weather conditions you fly to the airport of Port Hardy and the coast. Shortly before you reach it, the wind changes and you are assigned another runway.

Dawson: In 1896, the great gold rush began at the famous Klondike and Yukon. Fly over the claims under live weather conditions.

Whitehorse: Your CJ4 is occupied by travelers who want to recreate the gold rush and the epic journey to Dawson, 800km away on the Yukon River.