Czech Republic



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You have never been to the Czech Republic? Then it's time to change that! With an area of just under 80,000 square kilometers and a population of about 10 million, the Czech Republic is one of the smaller countries in Europe. Picturesque old towns, castles and chateaus, seemingly endless forests, mountains and a world-famous beer culture make a trip to the Czech Republic particularly worthwhile.

Both in terms of political and economic development, the Czech Republic occupies top positions. So it is worthwhile to take a look here. The Czech Republic is not just a country with many sights in a small area, it is an inspiration.

In the first part, which could just as well be part of a World Update, experience a first-class bush trip along many POI of WU14. With freely adjustable weather, live weather is preset, you fly with the Cessna Skyhawk over Bohemia, Moravia and other regions of this beautiful country.

Bonus bush trip Some of the POIs included in WU14 could not be included for the original trip. As a bonus, you get an additional bush trip to the remaining points of interest that you can reach with the autopilot or with the help of the waypoint markers.

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