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Adventure New Zealand

The next adventure of Nordheim Missions takes you to New Zealand. Two bush trips, one on the North Island and one on the South Island of New Zealand offer you fascinating landscapes, high mountains, deep fjords, and the exploration of some film locations of movies like "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings". Both trips were written in the classic style.

On the North Island, you'll fly the DA62 over 100 illustrated waypoints and more than 950 nautical miles. Premium deluxe users can also take the trip on the SR22, the best-selling general aviation aircraft in New Zealand in 2021.

For the South Island, the Cessna 172 is available. More than 105 waypoints and over 920NM are waiting for you. Deluxe users can also choose the gauge version of the C172.

In total there are almost 1900NM and more than 16 hours of flying time ahead of you for both trips.

Live weather is preset for both bush trips for unlimited challenges. You can change the weather at any time. Multiplayer is possible, so you can join your friends on the trip. Some assistance options are also unlocked to change.

Two flight manuals are available via download. The link will be provided on this page after purchase.

The missions are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Some languages are machine translated. If something is wrong, please contact us so we can adjust it. All missions can be found in the Activities -> Custom content section.

Have fun with your journey across New Zealand!