Adventure Colorado River

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Adventure Colorado River

The second adventure in the World Rivers series takes you to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Experience the Colorado River from its source to its mouth through the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, until it finally reaches Mexico and flows into the Gulf of California. Explore Las Vegas and look forward to 3 Landing Challenges.

Bushtrip World Rivers: Colorado River

You'll follow the course of the Colorado River from its source in the Rocky Mountains, across the highlands of the Colorado Plateau and thus the middle reaches of the river. Discover the unique landscape that the Colorado River and its tributaries have created through erosion over millions of years. Over a length of 1,600 km, the Colorado River flows through several canyons, including Glenwood Canyon in Colorado, Glen Canyon in Utah, Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon in Arizona. In its lower reaches, the river runs first through the high elevation Mojave Desert and then through the lower elevation Sonoran Desert to the Gulf of California. This classic style bush trip has live weather preset and includes over 150 images in the navlog and for briefing.

Discover Las Vegas

Explore Las Vegas in the evening hours. Fly over the Strip in Paradise to the older casinos on Fremont Street. 40+ POI with the most famous hotels, casinos, sports venues and parks have been added. You can of course change the weather and also set live weather to find different conditions on each flight and have endless fun with this Discoveryflight.

Night Landing Las Vegas

You'll fly into Harry Reid International Airport at 10:00 p.m. via RNAV-Y 19L on a Boeing 747-8i. The airport was called McCarran International Airport until 2021 and is still called that in the sim. The autopilot is already turned off, but the next waypoint and altitude restriction are active. Can you land the Jumbo Jet safely manually under live weather conditions while keeping in mind the altitude requirements and restrictions of the approach?

Happy Canyon

If there is already an airfield in drainage area of the Colorado River with this name, of course it can't be missed. You're in a side canyon of the Green River, the main tributary of the Colorado, landing the Savage Cub safely on Runway 28. If it weren't for the mountain in the way on final approach. This challenge also has live weather preset that you can change at any time for endless fun.

Gene Wash Reservoir

It's windy at Parker Dam and Lake Havasu. Fly through a small canyon, over the reservoir and come to a stop with your DR400 on Runway 28. Try to stay below 1000ft MSL. If you don't want to get shaken up due to the gusts, you can always change the weather here as well.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal). Some languages are machine translated. If something is wrong, please contact us so we can adjust it.

Have fun and happy landings anytime!