Adventure Ganges River

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The Ganges

In the fifth part of the World Rivers series, you'll find yourself on the Indian subcontinent, more precisely in Bangladesh and northern India. They offer a diverse culture and include many Hindu pilgrimage centers as well as world heritage sites such as the Red Fort, Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal.

The Ganges River not only provides water for people and agriculture. For Hindus, it is also a sacred river. Year after year, millions of people come to rid themselves of impurities and sins by bathing in the Ganges.

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Bushtrip Ganges River

The bush trip leads from Kolkata over the Ganges delta upstream, through Bangladesh, along the Ganges plain to the headwaters in the Hamalaya. The 12 stages with 90 waypoints and over 1550 nautical miles will be done with the DA40NG. For users of the deluxe package, the DA40 TDI is also available.

Landing Challenge Delhi

In the Indian monsoon, you are on a private flight to New Delhi. Your Cessna 208 has been assigned the NDBDME-Z 27 approach.

Landing Challenge Varanasi

A leisurely landing on the grass runway near Varanasi under live weather conditions is on the agenda for you. Most days of the year the city is under smog. Will you be lucky today and have better weather?

Bushtrip Kali Gandaki

A special bonus trip for you. Fly through the deepest valley in the world: The difference between the bottom of the valley and the peak of Dhaulagiri, which is about 12 kilometers to the west, is more than 5600 meters. East of the valley rises another 8000-meter peak: Annapurna. Both peaks are only about 34 kilometers apart.