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The Missouri River rises in the Rocky Mountains in Montana and flows east and south for 3,767 km before flowing into the Mississippi River north of St. Louis. With a catchment area of more than 1.3 million km², covering parts of ten US states and two Canadian provinces, the Missouri River is a major transportation route and a source of water, energy and recreation. It also has a rich history associated with Native Americans, European explorers, fur traders, settlers and, unfortunately, various conflicts.

Accompany the longest river in the USA on its way from deep southwest Montana through mountainous canyons, over the great rapids at Great Falls, through the solitude of the Missouri River Break, over the six large reservoirs and dams and through cities such as Omaha, Sioux City, Kansas City and St. Louis.

During the Bush Trip, you will land with your Cessna 172 or 152 at 20 airfields, some of them small, which will challenge all your flying skills. The trip takes place under live weather conditions, which you can change at any time. Most of the assistance options are also available to you.

In addition to the bush trip, four landing challenges await you to prove your piloting expertise.

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We wish you much success along the Missouri River and always happy landings. Have fun!