Adventure World Rivers I-IV

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World River Bundle 1

All missions of the four World River Packs in a single bundle - Bushtrips, LandingChallenges, DiscoveryFlights and Races. Fly over the famous rivers Yukon in Canada, Colorado in the USA and Mexico, Murray in Australia and the Rhine in Europe in 4 breathtaking Bushtrips. About 4000 nautical miles, almost 40 hours of flying time and 58 stages are waiting for you. Test your flying skills in 12 LandingChallenges near the rivers under different conditions. In addition, you'll get two Discovery Flights and a Race Against Time.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Some languages are machine translated. If something is wrong, please contact us so we can adjust it.

Have fun and happy landings anytime!

Yukon River

This adventure takes you to Western Canada, the Yukon Territory and Alaska, USA. One bush trip and three landing challenges will take you back to the days of the great Yukon and Klondike gold rushes. Experience one of the few transportation options nowadays in the reserves without roads under live weather conditions with bush planes.

20 Legs down the Yukon River with over 1350 nautical miles will take you to the famous sites of the gold rush: Cargross, Whitehorse, Carmacks and of course Dawson City. View the claims at Bonanza Creek, Eldorado and Hunter Creek from the air.

Colorado River

Experience the Colorado River from its source to its mouth through the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, until it finally reaches Mexico and flows into the Gulf of California. Explore Las Vegas and look forward to 3 Landing Challenges.

Discover the unique landscape that the Colorado River and its tributaries have created through erosion over millions of years. Over a length of 1,600 km, the Colorado River flows through several canyons, including Glenwood Canyon in Colorado, Glen Canyon in Utah, Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon in Arizona. In its lower reaches, the river runs first through the high elevation Mojave Desert and then through the lower elevation Sonoran Desert to the Gulf of California. This classic style bush trip has live weather preset and includes over 150 images in the navlog and for briefing.

The Mighty Murray River

Go Somewhere That Makes You Forget Your Phone! The third part of the World Rivers series takes you “Down Under” to Australia. Explore the Mighty Murray River, Australia's longest river. Discover friendly rural villages, rugged nature, wonderful culinary delights, and great wines as you travel along the Murray River through Victoria, New South Wakes and South Australia.

The Bushtrip starts near the source of the Murray River and takes you over 12 stages and more than 800 nautical miles to its mouth in the ocean. Over 100 illustrated and described waypoints show you the path of the Murray River from the Australian Alps to South Australia.

Along the Rhine through 6 states

In the fourth part of the World Rivers series, you'll fly along the Rhine River in Central Europe. Discover the different characters of the river from its alpine mouth to its man-made delta. Contrast the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley and the industrial use in the Rhine-Ruhr area. The Bushtrip starts south of the source of the Anterior Rhine and leads you over 11 stages and almost 7 hours through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France to the mouth in the Netherlands.