Berlin Helicopter Puzzle Tour

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Berlin Helicopter Puzzle Tour This is a sort of treasure hunt, albeit without treasure! Ten helipads have been scattered around Berlin and you will be given clues to find them. Each leg requires you to fly past a famous landmark before landing at a specially constructed helipad near the next location. At each 'fly-past' you will hear a short audio signal telling you that you have reached the correct waypoint. You will take off from Saarmund Airport in a Cabri G2 helicopter.

For each location there are three types of clues, all in the Navlog. The first is the bearing and distance to the next waypoint. The second is a word clue for the famous location. The third is a picture of the landmark or a detail of the location. Those of you with a good knowledge of Berlin geography will certainly not need to use all the clues to complete the journey. Others who are less familiar with the area may wish to open Little Navmap, Plan-G or similar to help you navigate Berlin once you know where you are going.

Each helipad has a square base and an 'H' to make them easier to find from the air. Some landings are quite tricky and will test your piloting skills, but all have been thoroughly tested and are possible. Newcomers to helicopter flying will probably find the ride easier in the smaller, more manoeuvrable Cabri G2. The trip allows you to change the time of day, and if you decide to repeat the trip, setting the time to sunrise or sunset will add to the experience.

This package contains 10 helipads in Berlin or around. We have also made them visible on the world map for you to use for free flights.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Some languages are machine translated. If something is wrong, please contact us so we can adjust it. This mission can be found in the Activities -> Custom content section.

This trip looks best with World Update 6 (DACH) installed, which is available free of charge.

Lookout for other cities in this series in the future.

ProfSC and Nordheim Missions wish you a lot of fun flying and puzzling in Berlin!