Caribbean Nights - Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica

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Caribbean Nights

Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, year-round summer climate and pure joie de vivre. The Caribbean is a unique paradise. The countless islands in the tropical part of the Atlantic attract a huge number of tourists every year. The heart of the Central American subcontinent is not only a great place to relax, but also to experience culture and history. But with so many enchanting islands to choose from, it can be difficult: Cuba, Curacao, Barbados, Jamaica, the Bahamas, or another island. Which is your favorite Caribbean Island?

The fifth part of the Caribbean Nights series runs from the Leeward Antilles via Venezuela and Colombia to Latin America. You can expect 2 IFR flights and 2 VFR bush trips in classic style with lots of information about the country and its people.

As in almost all Nordheim Missions journeys, you can freely choose the weather and select the assistance options you need. The times are preset and are part of the missions, but if it gets too dark for you, you can change them as well.

The missions are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Some languages are machine translated. If something is wrong, please contact us so we can adjust it. All missions can be found in the "Activities -> Custom content" section.

Columbia Connection As the captain of a privately chartered and fully occupied TBM-930, you fly the passengers from Oranjestad on the island of Aruba to Barranquilla in Colombia. Follow the instructions from ATC and nothing will prevent you from having a successful flight.

Transfer to Panama In the second IFR flight you fly from Colombia to Panama with a Beechcraft King Air 350i. Follow the filed flight plan and park the aircraft at Tocumen Airport at a parking position assigned by ATC.

Bushtrip Panama Panama, a country bursting with life, perfectly imperfect and full of authenticity. Where northern and southern worlds merge, old and new worlds coexist and cosmopolitan landscapes live in harmony with wild, untamed rainforests. A country for those who want to grow beyond their expectations, challenging you to see more. A place for those who yearn for more stimulation, connection and change. Panamá is not the destination, but the journey to discover more of what really matters. You will pilot an NXCub across the Panama Canal and other sights in this Latin American country.

Bushtrip Costa Rica Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforest-covered country with coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The capital San José is home to various cultural institutions, including the Gold Museum with a pre-Columbian collection. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Around a quarter of the country's territory consists of protected jungle areas where numerous animals live! You explore the country on a Nevada-style bush trip with the Savage Cub, of course.

We wish you Happy Landings in the Caribbean!