Aircraft Manager Pro



3.7/5 (15)

Frustrated you can’t favorite planes, tag them, or take notes?

Would you like to switch custom aircraft control presets automatically?

Aircraft Manager for MSFS: Turbocharge Your User Experience

Aircraft Manager Benefits & Features

  • Aircraft Control Presets: Automatically switch aircraft device control presets. Note: Check Known Issues on for duplicate device info before buying.
  • WEIGHT & BALANCE PRESETS: Rapid learning, quick save/load in fly mode.
  • FAVORITE LIVERY: Reload last used livery when switching planes
  • Favorites: Quick tagging/untagging of favorites + fast filter favorites.
  • Tags: Save, sort, and/or filter by your own custom tag system.
  • Notes: Save key information as custom notes to quickly recall before flying.
  • Filter by any single or combined text/number value to compare/contrast.
  • Sort by any info column to get insight into your aircraft collection.
  • Quick Resets: Buttons to quick reset all combinations of filters & sorting.
  • Auto convert speed/alt/range to metric or imperial values.
  • Integrated into the standard MSFS aircraft search & filter system.
  • Select aircraft.
  • Columns: Adjust column size by dragging column dividers
  • User Experience: Improved visual feedback & other cues

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Want to get the best out of Aircraft Manager? Use the included help tools.

There is a small learning curve with the Aircraft Manager user interface, and the most efficient way to learn it is via a simple process.

  • Use the tool tips that show up when you mouse over the column header
  • Read the annotated quick help guide image that is included with the download, and shown above here. Click where shown, understand what happens as a result.
  • Watch the videos on the website project page for deeper insights.
  • Ask support via the form at the bottom of the website project page if you don’t understand something, or have found a bug/issue to report.

You will then have a more complete understanding of how it works, and then you can decide how you want to use it, the way that suits you best. It’s quite flexible in that regard.

**IMPORTANT: Keyboard and Mouse are required to use Aircraft Manager properly. **