Black Pearl Adventures - American West

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Black Pearl Adventures - America West

After over 40 years of flying it was time for something new. So Paul - a real pilot - and his wife Karen traveled the United States for 4 years, seeking adventure in a 44 foot motor coach called the 'Black Pearl'. Behind them was a 30 foot enclosed trailer that carried their Kitfox SS7 aircraft and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk. They toured the country low and slow over some of the most scenic areas in the world.

Perfect Flight has created these aerial tours for Microsoft Flight Simulator to let you relive their real flight experience. Real audio narration from Paul and Karen plays whenpassing key points of interest, as well as real images shot in flight or on the ground are included in the Navlog. Our goal is to deliver an experience that is as close to taking you with them as possible. The missions are focused on seeing the United States from an aerial vantage point that the fidelity of Microsoft Flight Simulator makes possible.

As Paul and Karen traveled the country, they captured aerial video and still images for most of the routes we recreated. The Navlog blends images from these aerial videos and adventures from ground level. When mixed with images from MSFS, it can be difficult to tell the difference, adding to the immersion. As a bonus, this package provides access to their website, offering hours of spectacular aerial video and images from the actual flights.

Black Pearl Adventures makes a great companion for VR flying. Introduce family and friends to flight by simply choosing an appropriate altitude, turning on the autopilot and setting them up in the headset. The aerial adventure will unfold before them.

Buckle up for some amazing adventures that bring pure joy to flying.

This Aerial Adventure includes some of the best sights in the American Southwest: · Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge · Lake Powell · Tower Butte · Navajo Mountain Airport · Rainbow Bridge Rock structure · The Wave Rock structure · North Rim of the Grand Canyon · Colorado River · Marble Canyon · Navajo Bridge · Horseshoe Bend · Antelope Canyon

PDFs of the Navlogs are provided with the package.

There are hours of fun and adventure waiting, so lets get started!