Douglas DC-3 First Commercial Flight

Perfect Flight


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On an day in late 1938, a gleaming American Airlines DC-3 departed Newark Airport, bound for Glendale, California. Total time was 18 hours 40 minutes, including several ground stops.

In 1934, the year before the introduction of the DC-3, a flight from New York to Los Angeles was a grueling ordeal, typically requiring 25 hours. Now, a single plane could cross the country.

This aerial tour recreates the first historic commercial flight performed by a DC-3.

Although the original flight had fewer stops, we have included several landings to make the flight experience less grueling in the simulator, but without losing its charm. This is a unique opportunity to savor the thrill of visual flight combined with the irresistible charm of one of the most revolutionary aircraft in aviation history.

The current layout of the road network provides a visual reference that certainly makes the task of today's pilot easier. Nevertheless, it cannot be said that this adventure is a challenge within everyone's reach. Some experience and confidence with visual flight (or VFR) is needed.

In any case, even less experienced pilots can benefit from this journey and increase their flight experience.

So, welcome aboard a sparkling DC-3 painted in American Airline colors And get ready to fly the legend!

The reconstruction of this aerial excursion is enriched, in addition to the precise flight directions according to the VFR standard, with copious historical, geographical and cultural informations which refer to the time when the flight was first performed, so you will discover the Aamerica of a century ago.

All to provide an immersive and educational flying experience.


  • New livery for the default DC-3 in American Airlines FlagShip Detroit special paint.
  • The excursion takes the form of a classic Bush Trip of about 2,100 nautical miles and 10 stops.
  • Available from the Perfect Flight website the FlightBooks of the trip (in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese). Real tour guides! You will receive the direct download link immediately after purchase.
  • You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, date and time.
  • You have full access to Checklists and Assistance Options.
  • Multiplayer feature is also enabled, so you can fly online with your friends.