FS Explorer - North Italy

Perfect Flight


4/5 (10)

An immersive excursion through the wonders of Northern Italy. Among lakes, castles and beautiful landscapes, discover this wonderful region with a set of missions designed to guarantee maximum enjoyment.

In addition to the pleasure of discovery, a walk full of history and culture news.

A printable Flight Book is also available for each proposed excursion.

Product features 3 Bush Trips, 4 Discovery Flights, 4 Landing Challenges and a new livery for the Asobo X Cube in special Italy paint!

  • TRIVENETO TOUR This fascinating tour winds along the territories of northwest Italy, in that geographical area called Triveneto (or Three Venice) which includes Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Leave Padua in the direction of Venice and then turn north to reach the Trentino region, near the Alps. The journey continues south-west until it reaches Friuli and ends near Trieste.

  • GREAT LAKES (Como, Garda, MAggiore) An excursion to the great lakes of Northern Italy is the right idea to combine a passion for flying and nature. Here are the three largest lakes of the peninsula, which have inspired poets, writers and musicians of all ages.

  • NORTHWEST CASTLES The journey starts in search of ancient castles and more Our itinerary takes us to fly towards the Piedmont region. Then again up until we reach the Aosta airport, our final destination. The overflight of the castles offers us the opportunity to enrich ourselves with historical and cultural news and certainly makes the journey fascinating..

  • DISCOVERY FLIGHTS Fly over four beautilful cities, enriched by dozens of Landmarks:

  • Milan
  • Turin
  • Padua
  • Parma

Raise the level of your basic Landing Challenges with this new 4 exciting missions:

  • LILG - Vergiate
  • LIPB - Bolzano
  • LILO - Sondrio
  • LIPO - Brescia

Landing Challenges features spoken briefing in flight, Check List and welcome message by voice upon mission completion.

Test your skil in different weather conditions. Using Real Weather guarantees you to fly a different mission every day!