Perfect Flight


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Already a bestseller during its release for FSX, it is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 FS APPROACHES UK AIRPORTS!

The product includes 32 missions to simulate approach procedures to major UK airports.

FS Approaches UK Airports offers a realistic collection of multi-crew air missions that replicate real-life flight operations. The missions offer an immersive and realistic flight experience in one of the most important phases of flight.

Experience a new and deeper dimension to the usual landing challenges. FS Approach missions are an extended version of the traditional ones.

Our new Landing Challenges allow you to fly the complete approach procedure and still receive a score upon completion.

The missions begin with the aircraft at cruising altitude and approximately 100 nautical miles from the destination airport.

Execute the approach following the instructions you receive in flight.

Landing challenges have never been more complex!

FLEET: Product includes four new liveries for the default Asobo planes:

  • Airbus A320neo
  • Airbus A310-300 Landor livery
  • Boeing 747-800-i
  • Bonanza G36 UK livery

MISSIONS The product includes: 32 approach missions designed for the fleet provided. All missions provide you with instructions for descending and executing the approach. The module also includes checklists and cabin announcements.

DOCUMENTATION A useful pdf document is provided, downloadable after purchase, with the briefing for each individual approach mission, useful to consult before starting the mission.