A320 Schedules - Virgin America - Vol 3



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Introducing the Virgin America A320 Schedule Pack – Vol 3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by VA Systems.

Experience the world of legacy Virgin America schedules like never before with 50 meticulously recreated A320 schedules, featuring 24 distinct routes. Plunge yourself in realistic and immersive flights that capture the essence of this classic airline. From the Midwest, the Rocky Mountains, the Gulf Coast and Central America to Los Angeles and San Francisco, explore breathtaking destinations across the United States, and beyond.

Spawn at the gate, power the aircraft on and ready yourself for pushback. You have 20 minutes to turn the aircraft around, so keep an eye on the time. Gather the weather information, choose your runway and off you go to your destination.

Product Highlights:

50 A320 Schedules: With an impressive selection of 50 schedules across 24 routes to choose from, the Virgin America A320 Schedule Pack offers an unmatched level of variety and exploration. Each schedule presents a unique opportunity to venture into the virtual skies and experience the world through the lens of Virgin America.

Livery Inclusion: This pack contains a custom Asobo A320 Virgin America livery by VA Systems, which can be reused outside the mission packs.

A range of destinations: Each schedule takes you on captivating journeys from the West Coast to various domestic destinations, allowing you to explore the US from the virtual cockpit. From the Midwest, The Rocky Mountains, the Gulf Coast and Central America to Los Angeles and San Francisco, the pack offers a wide range of flight experiences that keep you engaged and entertained. Immerse yourself in the thrill of flying as you navigate through realistic and meticulously designed routes, ensuring endless enjoyment and discovery with every flight.

Suitable for all levels of experience: We believe the end to end experience suits pilots of all levels, as long as you have a basic understanding of how the A320 operates.

The complete experience: We believe through having the end to end experience, this will give you the best experience closest to the classic schedules which Virgin America used to fly.

NOTE: This product uses the Asobo default A320 aircraft.