Air Tours - Cape Verde



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Introducing the Cape Verde Air Tours, for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by VA Systems.

This immersive Excursion Pack offers pilots the opportunity to tour scenic areas of the world whilst in the air, flying at low altitudes, in a selection of General Aviation Aircraft.

With a choice of three iconic aircraft – the Diamond DA62, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, Cessna CJ4 Citation – you can experience the thrill of taking off, completing the excursion and landing back at the airport. Each excursion will have you take off and join the flight path for the excursion and then concludes by landing back where you started.

For those seeking more variation to the excursion, the pack allows you to customise your experience further. You can do this by choosing your preferred weather setting, enabling you to witness breath taking views in varying weather conditions. The weather conditions include rain, cloud, snow or storms!

So, what are you waiting for, Captain? Strap in, select your aircraft, set the weather, and take to the skies for an unforgettable Cape Verde Air Tours.

Product Highlights:

252 Unique Scenarios: With an impressive selection of 252 scenarios to choose from, this Air Tours Pack offers a large selection of excursions to enable you to have the best variety.

Livery Inclusion: This pack contains a custom Asobo liveries by VA Systems, which can be reused outside the excursion packs.

One Click Flying: Select your chosen excursion and you will spawn in a cold and dark state at a random gate. Prepare your aircraft and taxi to your chosen runway and depart to being your Air Tour.

A diverse range of conditions: No two days are the same as a pilot, and we really want to bring this reality to you. You can fly the same excursion, but the weather will really impact what you get to see out of the flightdeck windows.

Suitable for all levels of experience: Whether you are new to flight simulation or whether you are a frequent simmer, we believe this unique offering will allow you to experience the world from the skies.