Airport STAR Training - London Heathrow (EGLL)



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Introducing the London Heathrow (EGLL) STAR Training Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by VA Systems.

This immersive training pack offers aspiring London-based pilots the opportunity to refine their skills on the final leg of various flights inbound to London Heathrow.

With a choice of three iconic aircraft – the A320, B747 and B787 – you can experience the thrill of landing at one of the world's busiest airports. This pack provides a selection of eight Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) inbound to London Heathrow, allowing you to practice different approaches and landings.

Fancy being a bit non-standard on these standard arrivals? For those seeking an extra challenge, the pack allows you to customise your experience further. You can do this by choosing your preferred weather setting, enabling you to practice landings in various conditions. The weather conditions include rain, cloud, snow or storms! Or, if you are a risk taker, just land on the opposing runway to the wind. It is all your choice to make your training worthwhile.

So, what are you waiting for, Captain? Strap in, select your aircraft, pick a STAR, set the weather, and take to the skies for an unforgettable training experience at London Heathrow.

Product Highlights:

144 Unique Scenarios: With an impressive selection of 144 scenarios to choose from, this Airport STAR Training Pack offers a large selection of missions to enable you to have the best variety of practice into London Heathrow.

One Click Flying: Select your chosen mission and you will spawn in the air, just before the STAR commences. Stabilise your aircraft and prepare for descent into London Heathrow.

A diverse range of conditions: No two days are the same as a pilot, and we really want to bring this reality to you. You can fly the same route, but the weather will really impact your decisions and choices as you descend into the airport.

Suitable for all levels of experience: Whether you are new to flight simulation or whether you are a frequent simmer, we believe this unique offering will help you master your flights into London Heathrow.

NOTE: This product uses the Asobo default aircraft, and requires the Deluxe version for the B787 to work. If you do not have the B787 installed, these missions will not appear, but those for the A320 and B747 will continue to work.