Cargo Ops - F1 2024 - Montreal



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Introducing the F1 2024 Cargo Ops for the Montreal Grand Prix Weekend for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by VA Systems.

Choose between the iconic Boeing 747 or the state-of-the-art Boeing 787 as the Captain. Each aircraft offers a unique flying experience with 10 meticulously crafted liveries, representing all Formula One teams for the 2024 season. Whether it's the B747 or the B787, proudly showcase your team affiliation with liveries capturing the essence of each racing entity.

Your job will be to deliver critical equipment to the race, return equipment back to the Team's base for post-race inspection, or fly to the next race venue with equipment from the previous race.

Spawn at the gate, gather the weather information, choose your runway, power the aircraft on and ready yourself for pushback and depart for your destination.

Product Highlights:

Mission Variety: With an impressive selection of missions to choose from, this Cargo Ops pack offers an unmatched level of variety. If the distance between the races is too great, there will be a layover airport included.

Livery Inclusion: This pack contains 10 custom Asobo liveries for the B747, and another 10 custom Asobo liveries for the B787, covering the 10 F1 2024 Teams. You can use these outside the missions too if you wish.

Suitable for all levels of experience: We believe the end to end experience suits pilots of all levels, as long as you have a basic understanding of how the B747/B787 operates.

NOTE: This product uses the Asobo default B747 & B787 aircraft. This pack requires the Deluxe version of MSFS in order to use the B787.