A320 Skyteam Liveries



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The Airbus A320 Neo SkyTeam Livery Pack offers a comprehensive collection of meticulously designed paint schemes that enhance the realism of your virtual aviation experience. Each livery in this pack is crafted with great attention to detail, immersing you in a visually stunning array of options for your aircraft.

The Airbus A320 Neo has a remarkable legacy and has achieved numerous milestones since its introduction. This narrow-body aircraft is highly regarded for its efficiency and is manufactured by Airbus. The A320 Neo model represents the latest evolution of this popular aircraft series, incorporating advanced technology, improved performance, and exceptional passenger comfort. It has become the preferred choice for operators worldwide.

SkyTeam Alliance is a globally recognized airline alliance that brings together some of the world's leading airlines to offer seamless connectivity and enhanced travel experiences for passengers. With a network of member airlines spanning across the globe, SkyTeam provides extensive reach to over 1,300 destinations in more than 190 countries.

This pack includes 11 liveries in the SkyTeam scheme for the Airbus A320 Neo, showcasing the diverse range of operators utilizing this aircraft:

  • Aerolineas Argentinas (LV-BNZ)
  • Air France (F-HEPI)
  • China Southern (B-1697)
  • China Eastern (B-1838)
  • CSA (OK-PET)
  • Saudia (HZ-ASF)
  • Delta (fictional)
  • ITA Airways (fictional)
  • MEA (T7-MRD)
  • Vietnam Airlines (fictional)
  • XiamenAir (fictional)

Key Features:

  • High-resolution 4K liveries for superior quality visuals
  • Free updates to expand the content at no extra cost
  • 3 sound pack options: default, LEAP, and PW

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