A320 Star Alliance Liveries



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The Airbus A320 Neo Star Alliance Livery Pack offers a comprehensive collection of meticulously designed paint schemes that enhance the realism of your virtual aviation experience. Each livery in this pack is crafted with great attention to detail, immersing you in a visually stunning array of options for your aircraft.

The Airbus A320 Neo has a remarkable legacy and has achieved numerous milestones since its introduction. This narrow-body aircraft is highly regarded for its efficiency and is manufactured by Airbus. The A320 Neo model represents the latest evolution of this popular aircraft series, incorporating advanced technology, improved performance, and exceptional passenger comfort. It has become the preferred choice for operators worldwide.

Don't miss the opportunity to complete your A320 liveries collection.

This pack includes 21 liveries for Default Asobo A320 Neo:

  • Air India (VT-EXO)
  • Air New Zealand (ZK-OJH)
  • Air New Zealand 'All Black' (ZK-OYB)
  • Turkish (TC-JPE)
  • Austrian 'Variant 1' (OE-LBX)
  • Brussels Airlines (OO-SNC)
  • Lufthansa 'White' (D-AIQS)
  • Swiss (HB-IJM)
  • TAP 15 years (CS-TNP)
  • Spanair (EC-IPI)
  • TACA (N689TA)
  • Aegean (SX-DVQ)
  • Austrian 'Variant 2' (OE-LBZ)
  • Lufthansa (D-AIUA)
  • Croatia Airlines (9A-CTM)
  • Avianca (N536AV)
  • Shenzhen Airlines (B-6297)
  • Air Canada (C-FDRH)
  • Scandinavian (OY-KBT)
  • EVA Air (B-16206)
  • Asiana (HL8071)


  • Free updates*
  • 3 sound pack options: default, LEAP, and PW
  • 4K / 8K quality
  • Detailed Liveries


  • These liveries are compatible ONLY with the Default Asobo A320;
  • Please be aware that all logos and trademarks included in this pack are the property of their respective owners. The utilization of these trademarks aims solely to enhance the user experience and does not imply any endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship of the product manufacturer by the trademark owner, or vice versa.
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