747 & 787 Liveries Collection



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Welcome to the bundle of the true captain of intercontinental flights!

In this bundle, you'll find the LIVERIES PACKS for two incredible aircraft: the Boeing 787-10 and the Boeing 747-8.

The Boeing 787-10, a marvel in aviation engineering, represents a pinnacle of innovation. It boasts extended range, fuel efficiency, and impressive passenger capacity. Its state-of-the-art design combines advanced materials, aerodynamics, and engines, making it a flagship in modern air travel. With the 787-10, passengers experience unparalleled comfort, while airlines benefit from reduced operating costs, marking a significant leap forward in intercontinental flight technology.

The Boeing 747-8, introduced in 2012, is a testament to aviation engineering excellence. This next-generation aircraft boasts a longer fuselage, improved aerodynamics, and advanced engines, allowing for greater fuel efficiency and increased passenger capacity. With its iconic humpbacked design and state-of-the-art features, the 747-8 continues the legacy of the world's most recognizable airliner, offering unmatched comfort and performance in the sky.


  • This livery pack requires you to have the 787-10, available ONLY in the Premium Deluxe game version.
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