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The Mitsubishi A6M 'Zero' is a long-range carrier-based fighter aircraft formerly manufactured by Mitsubishi Aircraft Company, a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and was operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) from 1940 to 1945. The A6M was designated as the Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 carrier fighter (零式艦上戦闘機, rei-shiki-kanjō-sentōki), or the Mitsubishi A6M Reisen. The A6M was usually referred to by its pilots as the Reisen (零戦, zero fighter), 0' being the last digit of the imperial year 2600 (1940) when it entered service with the Imperial Navy. The official Allied reporting name was 'Zeke', although the name 'Zero' was used colloquially as well. The Zero is considered to have been the most capable carrier-based fighter in the world when it was introduced early in World War II, combining excellent maneuverability and very long range. The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service also frequently used it as a land-based fighter. Nakajima fitted the 'Zero' with floaters and created this way a Seaplane, called 'Rufe'

With this addon, Romantic Wings brings this iconic piston aircraft to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator, so you can relive the great moments and dangers of 'Zero' and 'Rufe-Seaplane' operation in the 1940s. Nine liveries are included in this pack for the Zero:

  • --Standard green,---Navy,
  • --ATAIU Sea, ---Museum,
  • --Trainer, ---USAAF,
  • --Russian, ---Surrender,
  • --grey Two liveries for the special version with Kamikaze pilot: Standard green and Navy and six liveries are included for the 'Rufe' Seaplane
  • --Standard green,---Aleutian Version,
  • --ATAIU French Navy, ---934 Kokutai,
  • --Kashima, ---IJN Navy,

The Japnese Airfield Suwanose Jima (RJX8) was equiped with many objects from WWII,as well as two Water Runways near the Island (RJX8A) and (RJX8E), three Japanese Aircraft carrier were as well placed near the island. i.e. AKAGI (RJX8B), Kaga (RJX8C) and SHINANO (RJX8D). You may take off and land on these carriers

There is a full documentation PDF file included in the pack. If you are on X-Box and don't have access to it, just drop me a line and I send you a link to it.

If you wish to create new liveries for these aircraft, a seperate paintkit-folder is included as well.

The A6M5 Zero is a single-engine, single-seat, carrier-based military combat aircraft manufactured by the Mitsubishi Aircraft Company and operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service during World War II. The A6M5 is an evolutionary iteration of the original Mitsubishi A6M Zero that took its maiden flight on April 1, 1939 and entered service on July 1, 1940. The A6M5 Zero variant took its first flight and entered service in 1943.

In the earliest days of World War II, the A6M Zero (called “Zeke” by the Allies) proved to be an incredibly effective air superiority fighter. Fast, nimble, and with a good climb rate, it consistently out maneuvered aircraft it engaged. As the war progressed, American aircraft technology advanced, and the Japanese worked to improve their designs.

The A6M5, formally called the A6M5 Type 0 Model 52, represented the pinnacle of the A6M design. Engineers added a more powerful engine and shortened the wings to increase its speed, enhance maneuverability, and lighten the airframe. They also upgraded the aircraft’s control surfaces to accommodate the increased forces due to the higher speed of the aircraft. A small number of the A6M5 remain in various conditions.

The A6M5 is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a traditional empennage, retractable standard undercarriage, and an enclosed cockpit. It was engineered with a high-lift wing for slow stall speeds to engender high levels of maneuverability at slower speeds. When operational, it was armed with two 7.7mm machine guns mounted in its engine cowling and two wing-mounted 20mm cannons. It could also carry up to two bombs.

The A6M5 measures 29 feet, 11 inches in length, stands 9 feet, 8 inches tall, and has a wingspan of 36 feet, 1 inch. It is powered by a single 14-cylinder Nakajima Sakae 31 radial piston engine that generates up to 1,130 horsepower and turns a 3-blade, constant-speed propeller.

The A6M5 has a range of 975 miles, a service ceiling of 38,520 feet above sea level, and it climbs at 3,090 feet per minute. It has a stall speed of 75 miles per hour, a cruise speed of 230 mph, and a top speed of 346 mph.


CRUISE SPEED333 kph (180 knots)
MAX ALTITUDE10,000 m (33,000 ft)
RANGE1,870 km (1010 nmi)
MAX WEIGHT2,796 kg (6,164 lb)
LENGTH9.06 m (29 ft 9 in)
PROPELLER3-bladed Sumitomo-Hamilton constant-speed propeller
ENGINENakajima NK1C Sakae-12 950 hp