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INTRODUCING The Airbus A310-300 International Hangar-1 To be only used with Inibuilds amazing A310-300.

16 real life A310 international operators consisting of: BRAZIL Whitejets PR-WTA

CANADA Canadian Airlines Wardair transition C-GIWD Air Transat C-GLAT (Bienvenue blue tail) Air Transat C-GTSY (Bienvenue white tail) Air Transat C-GLAT 30 years ans (extended fleet operations circa 2023)

CHINA China Eastern B-2302

GERMANY Hapag Lloyd D-AHLZ TUI Hapag Lloyd D-AHLV TUI Hapag Lloyd D-AIDD Condor Thomas Cook (extended operations circa 2018) Condor Beach (extended operations circa 2023)


NETHERLANDS KLM Royal Dutch Airlines PH-AGG Martinair Holland PH-MCA

PORTUGAL White Airlines CS-TDI

SINGAPORE Singapore Airlines 9Y-STE

Each aircraft has its original registration in the flightdeck. These repaints were based on actual real-life aircrafts. The [extended operations] is a fictional view of the A310 operating beyond factual events which are dressed in modern liveries. In addition to all of this, we also created a custom-made weathering to give them a much more realistic, tired, workhorse airframe. Pilots are viewable on external camera views.

We focused on delivering liveries that reflect its real-life counterpart.

For more A310 livery options look for BravoAirspace Hangar 2 & 3. For more screenshots or if you have any questions/inquiries, please visit www.bravoairspace.net link to our discord and Facebook