A320neo European Operators Hangar 2



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Dedicated to the XBOX users:

INTRODUCING A320neo European Operators Hangar 2 updated to v1.1 (9-11-2022) Consisting of lightly weathered and dirty variants of the A320-251/271/ACJ -neo airliners 5 airliners (dirty body option) & 1 charter operating the A320neo from the European nations.

Dirty variant available for: AEGEAN EUROWINGS FLY PLAY PEGASUS AEROFLOT doesn't have the dirty variant do to pack size limitations

Operators: ACROPOLIS AVIATION Based at Farnborough, United Kingdom, operating ACJ320neo G-KELT AEGEAN AIRLINES Based at Kifissia, Athens, Greece, operating A320-271N PW engines SX-NEO AEROFLOT GROUP Based at Moscow Sheremetyevo, Russia, operating A320-251N VP-BRG now RA-73732 EUROWINGS GmbH Based at Dusseldorf Rhein-Ruhr, Germany, operating A320-251N D-AENA

FLY PLAY TF-PPA Based at Reykjavik, Iceland, operating A320-251N TF-PPA PEGASUS HAVA TASIMACILIGI A.S. Based at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International, Turkey, operating A320-251N TC-NBA

UPDATE V1.1 Includes New cockpit. Less scratches with green tones like the real-life counterpart. Additional engine details, rivets, etc. New weathered wing details. Weathered and deteriorated decals on engines. Smoother textures throughout the body. More detailed dirt on weathered variant body. Added 3 operators. And more attempts focusing on many details that will immerse you deeper into your trips.

What do I offer? Included are high-definition fuselage with lightly weathered aircraft. With jetway marks, luggage/cargo door signs (some with the instructions to operate it in their native language if the airline in real life includes it), INOP and tablet decals as well as SECAL and aircraft registration in each cockpit panel pertaining to the plane selected. Another item I also made from scratch using real life references (dedicated to those who do their walkaround) is the implementation of correct engine type decals to detail. You can view the correct decals for LEAP and PW engines depending on the airline. Instructions/warning decals for the gears, underwing details and belly compartment, rivets as well. Front and rear gears are Michelin tires. Wing flaps have numbering and close-to-real weathering. Rivets are depicted more realistically throughout the aircraft. And a bit more not mentioned. All based on the real aircrafts. There is still much more work to do. The model has a mirror effect which I am truly interested fixing in the future & more.

My honest goal is to keep finding ways to provide true immersion utilizing cockpit and external material closest to the real-world equipment. I worked long hours to implement parts of the external model textures which the default does not provide and will continue to do so. There are more ideas besides texturing to make these beautiful default birds feel alive.

For more screenshots or if you have any questions/inquiries, please visit www.bravoairspace.net link to our discord