A320neo European Operators Hangar 4



4.7/5 (54)

Quality over quantity. Realism in mind.

INTRODUCING A320neo European Operators Hangar 4 Consisting of lightly weathered and dirty variants of the A320-251271 neo airliners. Each aircraft displays their real-world engine type. Each operating its corresponding engine sound.

5 European operators, 4 with dirty option. 13 variants in total.

OPERATORS: AER LINGUS EI-NSB A320-251N LEAP & dirty option AUSTRIAN AIRLINES OE-LZN A320-271N PW & dirty option CONDOR D-ALHM A320-251N LEAP BEACH, ISLAND, PASSION, SEA, SUNSHINE (mixed weathering) JET2 G-JBXA A320-251N LEAP & WW option (weathered workhorse) WIZZ AIR HUNGARY HA-LJA A320-271N PW & dirty option

Unmirrored wingletswings. Wingletwings will not duplicate. Improved custom cockpit textures with light weathering and dust particles based on real images. Improved night lighting, inside the cockpit and external. Walk-around-ready aircraft with clear to read labels at close range.

Included as well: Custom CFM LEAP1-A + Pratt & Whitney GW1000G sounds.

Other additional work incorporated in this package:

  • Discolored tinted windshield (viewed from the external view).

  • Dirty windshield (dried water, dust, bug splat, etc) viewed from the cockpit.

  • Both missing passenger window at the rear of the plane (exterior) now present. (most neos have an extra window)

  • Custom non-pixelated decalsstickers on the plane passenger doors.

  • Created and placed non-pixelated custom rivets throughout the fuselage to show deteriorations and wear.

  • Created and placed both landing gear louver.

  • Reworked the engines decals.

  • Engines and wings now rely on non-pixelated rivets and lines.

  • An organic environment inside the cockpit, soda cans, coffee cups, EFB tablets (tablets: Will always be static. Will only show the checklist.), water bottles, notepads, hanger, luggage, pens, cellphones, etc.,.

  • Created and placed non-pixelated signs, warnings, instructions, handles and bay doors around the aircraft.

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