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From the creator of helicopters for X-Plane, such as the 206B3, 206L3, 222B, 222UT, 500E and H125/AS350B3e, the CowanSim 500E is the second helicopter of the fleet to come to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Cowan Simulation strives for perfection and continuously updates their fleet using valuable feedback from pilots around the world. The 500E, and subsequent releases, will continue to be developed using that valuable information. CowanSim's flight models are pilot tested, approved and developed with the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK. No external flight model/dynamics or programs are used to provide a seamless user experience.

Options like the Cineflex camera, passengers, spray kit, spot light and more are available through the weight and balance settings window. The 500E comes with 63 liveries, and an easy to use paint kit is provided in both GIMP and Adobe Photoshop formats.

There is a start up checklist located in the main folder to get you going from cold and dark start. You can also access options, like the passengers and more, from the weight and balance window.

Thank you for the support!


  • Free Future Updates
  • Detailed Paint Kit
  • Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots
  • Realistic start up procedure
  • Pilots & Passengers
  • Floats
  • 63 Paint Jobs (liveries)
  • Dynamic Weight Options
  • Functional Spot Light
  • Spray Kit (will be functional is later update)
  • Animated Cineflex Camera
  • Wwsie Fully Dynamic Sound Pack
  • Virtual Reality Ready
  • Realistic Flight Dynamics
  • 4K PBR Textures
  • Custom 3D instruments
  • Detailed Night Lighting

The MD 500E is a single-engine light utility helicopter by MD Helicopters of the United States. The 500E is a member of the venerable, high-performance MD 500 family, the prototype of which took its first flight on February 27, 1963 and was introduced in 1967.

The MD 500E, known for its performance, reliability, and its distinctive egg-shaped body that provides pilots exceptional outward visibility, made its maiden flight in January of 1982 and was introduced later that year. More than 600 of the model have been produced, and they have served throughout the world in a number of capacities, including civil, military, and law enforcement.

The 500E measures 30 feet, 10 inches in length, features a 5-blade, fully-articulated main rotor system that has a diameter of 26 feet, 5 inches and is foldable for storage, and has a 2-blade anti-torque tail rotor. The cockpit has seating for two pilots and is configurable to accommodate up to three passengers.

The 500E is powered by a 450-shaft horsepower Rolls-Royce 250-C20R turbine engine that, through its drive system, delivers 375 shaft horsepower to the helicopter. It has an in-ground effect hover ceiling of 11,300 feet above sea level and an out-of-ground effect hover ceiling of 9,500 feet. It has a maximum operating altitude of 16,000 feet, a range of 334 miles, and a maximum cruise speed of 155 miles per hour.


RANGE290 nm
MAX WEIGHT3,000 lb
LENGTH23.88 ft


UPDATE: 05/30/24 v2.1

UPDATE: 12/14/23 v2.0.0

Added functionality to the spot/search light. There is a controller inside the cockpit to turn on/off and change the direction.

Added animation to the Cineflex camera. It will hold pitch and heading for a partial simulation.

Fixed exhaust heat blur effects.

Fixed the tool tip for the throttle when governor is on. (max throttle)

Fixed the altimeter baro setting not being in sync with the sim. Both had to be synced together for now.

Fixed the incorrect airspeed gauge.

Fixed the incorrect vertical speed gauge.

Flight model and engine changes were made to reflect several real 500E pilots advice.

Several modeling, textures and coding additions/optimizations/fixes/tweaks.

UPDATE: 2/3/23 v1.0.1

Flight Model

Fixed some issues with the flight model according to feedback from pilots. The helicopter still flies with a slight low left skid. This is normal for hovering and slower flight but at speed things should level out. We will be working more with the flight model in the future.

Trim Ball

The trim ball is better but still not quite optimized for helicopters when using the correct code.

Emergency Fuel Cutoff

The red emergency fuel cutoff valve code was fixed. There was a bug with wrong values. Now that should work properly. Pushed in is open and pulled out is closed.


Some modeling adjustments were made like the air intake tube in the nose and other small details changed or fixed.

Ignition key

The ignition key needs to be on to run the starter now. Hopefully this does not trip anyone up. :-)


The two cabin light switches and the lighting attached was changed. Now one is red and one is white and they are not so bright so you can use them at night. All the other lighting was gone through and optimized. Added some ambient light from the green panel lights. Fixed the skid nav lights with flex.

Skid occlusion

Added some occluders to the skids and new bear paws so the grass lays/smashes down when off pavement.

Effects Buttons

The two buttons above the cabin light toggles are now tied to rotor wash and engine heat blur effects. Pushing them will disable either respectively.

Added Liveries

15 new liveries were added to the package to make a total of 63 available. Thank you Chrigel Linder for your contribution to this project.

Bear Paws added Turned around the backward bench so the worker is on the left.

Added down wash effects

Added more sounds and adjusted the levels to Asobo standards.

Several minor bugs fixed and details added overall.

Thank you for the support!