Legacy Collection

Got Friends


4.6/5 (242)

The Got Friends: Legacy Collection combines six of our original freeware aircraft and gives the community an easy-to-download definitive edition. These aircraft were originally developed by Got Gravel, Jonx, Mykrode and TwoSeventyInc before they combined talents and formed Got Friends. This collection takes all six aircraft, fully updates them, ensures their native compatibility, brings them to the Xbox Series X|S and fully transitions them to the Got Friends Development Group for future updating. Our entire team is humbled and thankful for all the support, memories, and feedback during our modding journey. We hope that fulfilling our promise of getting some of our best freeware on the marketplace holds high credibility and allows the community to fly together with no platform barriers.

Included Aircraft: » Savage Carbon » Savage Grravel » Monster NXCub » Vertigo » MXA » Lake Skipper