Airbus A340-300



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The Airbus A340-300 is a long-range, wide-body commercial airliner manufactured by Airbus. Package consists 33 liveries, all real world previous operators or current of the A340. The A340-300 was introduced in 1993 as a member of the Airbus A340 family, which also includes the shorter A340-200, the larger A340-500, and A340-600 variants. It features a twin-aisle cabin layout, typically seating between 250 to 300 passengers in a three-class configuration. Its spacious interior and wide fuselage contribute to a comfortable flying experience for passengers. The A340-300 is capable of flying long-haul routes, with a typical range of around 7,400 to 7,700 nautical miles (13,700 to 14,300 kilometers), depending on configuration and payload. Its four-engine design provides it with ample power for long-distance flights. The A340-300 has been operated by various airlines around the world for both international and domestic routes. It has served as a workhorse on transatlantic flights, connecting major hubs across continents.

  • Customized systems of the Airbus A340-300, simulating its basic cockpit functionalities.
  • Highly detailed external and interior model with high-definition textures.
  • Realistic A340 cockpit with functionality in most of the basic systems.
  • Simulation of the auto transfer of the Trim tank, based on Aircraft’s CG and auto logic.
  • Fuel dumping capabilities.
  • Cabin model with Business class, premium economy, economy seats and galleys.
  • 33 custom liveries from real world airlines and real operators of the A340-300.
  • Excellent flight dynamics that resemble the Airbus A340-300, characteristics, power management, fuel systems etc.
  • VNAV implementation.
  • EFB (electronic flight bag) with weather, aircraft loading, simbrief, navigraph charts, GSE options.
  • Navigraph charts implementation on EFB. Subscription required.
  • Navigraph OANS (on-board airport navigation system) implemented on the Navigation display. Subscription required.
  • Simbrief flight plan injection to CDU, allowing for long haul flight planning and insertion of complex routes (with oceanic crossings)
  • Ground service equipment on demand via the EFB.
  • Cabin interior, depicting the selected airline.
  • Realistic sounds.
  • Further updates enhancing this addon further in the coming months

The A340-300 is a 4-engine, long-range, wide-body jet airliner developed and manufactured by European aviation consortium Airbus. The A340-300 was the first of the A340 family to fly, taking its maiden flight on October 25, 1991. It was introduced into commercial service in March of 1993.

The A340 line was developed based on technology from previous Airbus aircraft, notably the A330. The A340-300, like all iterations of the A340 lineage, features a glass cockpit, advanced avionics, and fly-by-wire controls. The twin-aisle A340 was the first long-range Airbus airliner group, and the A340-300 variant continues to serve customers throughout the world.

The A340-300 is piloted by two and can carry a maximum of 440 passengers, but typically seats from 250 to 335. It measures 208 feet, 10 inches in length, stands 55 feet, 9 inches high, and has a wingspan of 197 feet, 10 inches. The A340-300 is powered by four wing-mounted CFM International CFM56-5C high-bypass turbofan engines that each deliver up to 34,000 pounds of thrust. The A340-300 has a range of 8,400 miles, a service ceiling of 41,450 feet above sea level, a cruising speed of 541 miles per hour, and a top speed of 568 mph.


1- Aerodynamics complete rework (more realistic) 2- 3 new liveries, Air Mauritius, Eurowings and Lufthansa (star alliance) 3- Wing modeling fixes. 4- other general fixes and enhancements.