45ft Lagoon Catamaran

Rodrigo Moraes


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Meet the Catamaran Lagoon 450, now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator through Marine RM, the newest vessel for a better nautical simulation in the game. The Lagoon 450 presents a level of detail and features that make it stand out among the boat options available in the simulator so far.

One of the features of this catamaran is its integrated multifunction tablet. With it, you can enjoy a complete sailing experience, including the ability to activate the anchor, make sails (which are decorative) visible, adjust mooring ropes and even change the deck material, providing total control over the sail, appearance, and operation of the vessel. There is also a GPS screen for more precise navigation and ignition control via a key on the dashboard, with precise animations and sounds.

Attention to detail was the focus here, with 4k PBR textures providing a very realistic visual representation. Additionally, with 13 different color options, players can customize their Lagoon 450 to their individual preferences, changing colors and materials during gameplay for unique type combinations, making each sailing experience unique. Another special feature was the modeling of the passengers, who are represented in a highly detailed way.

Still on systems, the lighting controls are exceptional, allowing players to control the catamaran's internal and external lights. The ability to create a romantic nighttime or party atmosphere with animated lights is a classy touch that takes the simulation experience to the next level.

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To control the boat, use the standard throttle controls on your controller.

Turns can be made through aileron (main) and rudder (auxiliary) control.

Anchor, mooring rope and in-water buoy controls are only available when the boat is turned off.

Sails are decorative and therefore do not react to the wind. The boat is motorized.

Download the documentation and FAQ directly from the website: https://www.roprodaudiovisual.com/lagoon-450

"The 45-foot Lagoon Catamaran is a motor sailing catamaran yacht. The yacht, which features an an open flybridge design, is renowned for its versatility due to its size and catamaran form. It is exceptional for a wide variety of types of sailing, including coastal, offshore, and blue water. Its shallow draft makes it great for exploring coves and remote beaches with shallow anchorages. Because its masthead stands 76 feet above the waterline, its use is limited to only those estuarine and inland areas free of bridges or with spans that will accommodate this height.

The yacht is constructed with polyester fiberglass with marine wood trim. It measures 45 feet, 10 inches in length and has a beam of 25 feet, 10 inches. It has a displacement of 33,069 pounds and a draft of 4 feet, 4 inches. It has dual Yanmar 4JH45 diesel engines, each producing up to 45 horsepower, and a fuel capacity of 275 gallons.

The 45-foot Lagoon Catamaran is an exceptional performer throughout a range of conditions and in a wide variety of cruising environments. Its shallow draft allows it to navigate close to shore and in areas that monohulls simply cannot traverse. Its low drag hulls allow it to keep moving, even in the lightest of winds, and its catamaran design keeps it stable in rough seas. "


LENGTH13,96 m
BEAM7.87 m
DRAFT1.30 m
ENGINE2 Yanmar 4JH45 45 hp (34 kW)
FUEL CAPACITY2 x 520 l / 2 x 137 US gal