Antonov An-2

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The Antonov An-2 comes in four variants, all with 4K liveries. The first is a terrestrial, wheel landing gear version with a standard cockpit featuring steam gauges. This version comes with ten liveries: Antonov Airlines, Xbox Aviators Club, Aviators Club, Red, Bare White, Blue, Dark, Green, Metal, and Orange. The second variant is a terrestrial, wheel landing gear version with a modern GPS cockpit. It is available with a white and red livery. The third An-2 variant comes with floats for water operations and has a standard cockpit with steam gauges. It is available with a white and blue livery. The fourth version is fitted with skis and has a standard cockpit with steam gauges. It comes with a red livery.

The Antonov AN-2 is a single-engine biplane introduced by the Soviet Union in 1947 to fulfill a number of aviation needs for agriculture, forestry, and general utility applications. Produced until 2001, over 18,000 AN-2s took to the skies through the decades, with many remaining in use across the globe to this day.

At 40 feet 8 inches in length, and with an upper wingspan of nearly 60 feet, the Antonov AN-2 is the largest single-engine biplane ever created. The combination of a large total wing area of 770 square feet and a 9-cylinder radial engine that produces 1,000 horsepower has made the AN-2 a legend in the world of utility aircraft. It is a master of short takeoffs and landings, in all types of airfields, in all types of conditions. It is also a very forgiving aircraft, with an incredibly slow stall speed of just 31 miles per hour.

Climb into the cockpit of the muscular Antonov AN-2 and prepare for exhilaration of not only flight in one of aviation’s classics, but of exploration of the world below. With a cruising speed of 120 miles per hour and a range of 525 miles, aviators can soar for hours far above terrain. Closer to the planet’s surface, the AN-2’s design allows for easy flight at low speeds, granting endless opportunities to lap up bird’s-eye vistas.


FUEL CAPACITY1240 liters