Miltech Simulations


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Miltech Simulations CH47D is a tandem-rotor, heavy-lift helicopter designed for diverse missions including troop and cargo transport, medical evacuation, and construction support. Its powerful twin engines and counter-rotating rotors provide exceptional lifting capacity for internal or underslung loads. Its robust design and advanced systems allow for operation in demanding environments and ensure the successful completion of critical missions.

Beautifully Modeled Helicopter: high-quality modeling and texturing throughout - exteriors and interiors.

  • Highly detailed Cockpit Model, with detailed wear and tear throughout.
  • Fully modeled cargo bay.
  • 4K Textures throughout, with sharp details and realistic damage/dirt maps.

Realistic Animations: including working doors and cargo ramp, accurately rotating Tandem Rotors, Blade Droop, etc.

Liveries: 16 Liveries, including US Army, RAF, Luftwaffe, Italian Esercito, Spain Ejercito, RCAF, Australian Army, etc.

Effects: Downwash effect (water, dirt); engine heat blur, volumetric lighting.

Flight Model: Tailored flight and engine model, validated through testing and feedback from CH47 pilots and technicians.

  • Specialized flight model that accurately simulates the stability, maneuverability, and capacities of a Tandem Rotor Configuration.
  • The flight model makes use of the native helicopter Flight Model, enhanced with customized parameters to accurately simulate the expected behavior.
  • NOTE: FM Will be migrated to fully native Tandem Support after the release of SU15. Autopilot will be available after the release of SU15.

Sounds: Comprehensive sound pack, developed from sounds recorded on real aircraft.

  • Comprehensive engine and rotor soundset, with distinct sounds for the iconic Blade Slap based on collective, pitch/roll angle, and High G slap.
  • Accurate depiction of APU sounds, FWD Transmission Whine and Ramp hydraulic sounds.

Cargo Loading Capabilities:

  • 6 External Cargo Loads (Sling loads in both Tandem and Single-sling configurations), including Humvees, Rhibs and even Helicopter Fuselages.
  • 5 Internal Cargo Loads to choose from, including Medvacs, Troops, Humvee and Pallets.
  • Electronic Flight Bag: A Tablet EFB is included to interact with the aircraft systems - From Fueling to External Loads.

Navigation Systems: Realistic instrumentation based on documentation from the CH7D.

  • Functional TACAN, ADF and VOR Navigation Systems.
  • Optional Aera-Style GPS

Mission System: Set of predefined flights with tasks to execute.

  • Missions are designed so the pilot follows a set of Mission Dispatch Instructions but must fully configure, execute, and perform the mission by themselves.
  • These include fully functional Firefighting missions, Cargo Hoist missions, Rescue and Humanitarian missions, and Military Exercise missions.
  • Some missions may require Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro or Miltech Simulations UK Carrier Strike Group, sold separately.

Included Sceneries and Scenes: The CH47D includes a set of sceneries and scenes to enhance the piloting experience.

  • RAF Odiham EGVO (UK), home of the No. 7, 18 and 27 squadrons.
  • Bryant Airfield PAFR (Alaska), home of the Army Alaska Task Force CH47s.
  • Chabelley Airfield HDCH (Djibouti), a growing US Military Base, key for the stability of the Horn of Africa region.
  • Camp Resilience US01 (Jordan), a fictional military outpost serving as base for Army CH47s.
  • Al Sahra Base US02 (Kuwait), a fictional military outpost serving as base for Army CH47s.
  • Multiple small training facilities, exercise scenes, and rescue scenes.

Documentation: A full operations manual is available at


This product does not accurately represent (nor intends to accurately represent) the performance, systems, design and/or features of the real-life counterpart. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This product is not endorsed or certified by The Boeing Company.