Blackbird Simulations


4.7/5 (691)

From the beautiful 4K/8K textures, an insanely detailed model, an engaging feature set that rewards both casual flying as well as aircraft ownership, to systems depth that rivals the deepest study level simulations, our 310R ensures an immersive piloting experience that is truly top-class.

Do you want the responsibilities of owning your own aircraft, taking care to fly it correctly, recognizing that everything you do has potential consequences? Or would you rather recreate the experience of a rental or a club aircraft, where it's a necessity to check things over carefully before your flight - there's no telling what might have been turned on, or off? Or would you prefer the ease of sliding behind the yoke of a perfectly pristine aircraft, engines purring away, ready to leap into the air at your command?

Regardless of your choice, we've created the perfect aircraft for you! A detailed wear and tear simulation (along with potential failures), with persistent state saving (per livery and tail number) rewards the most attentive pilot, while a feature packed tablet lets you not only maintain but also configure the aircraft precisely to your liking. Our 310R is all about choice; you choose the level of engagement you desire.

With a testing team that includes real life pilots with tons of experience across a variety of types, including the 310R, we've worked tirelessly under their direction to finesse the flight model to a state where it represents completely accurate and realistic characteristics that match the real world aircraft. Not content with attention only on the normal flight envelope, the Blackbird Simulations 310R also excels in presenting realistic (and hard to handle!) behavior in tricky emergency situations, including difficult single engine operations.

Regardless of how the aircraft has been personalized per your preferences, or whether it has failures enabled, or what ownership mode you have set, you can be assured that our 310R will fly like the real deal, all of the time!

Of course the Blackbird Simulations 310R has all the expected features such as an outstanding soundset that perfectly replicates the rumble of the twin 285hp IO-520-M engines, a wealth of live-swappable avionics packages, the ability to open the doors and windows with the resulting changes in sound, a visual accumulation of icing and frost on the windows and fuselage, full interactive checklists, VR compatibility, on and on and on... But also, we've focused on including lots of things that aren't as immediately obvious: 3D passengers and luggage that visually varies depending on the weight set in a particular station; beautifully animated inflatable de-ice boots on all leading edges; visible dirt that accumulates on the exterior of the aircraft; clutter and mess that accumulates on the INSIDE of the aircraft... we even have surprises in store for those who want to explore the cabin of the 310R and peek in every nook and cranny.

All of this adds up to an aircraft simulation which we are deeply proud of and very excited to share with you. It's your aircraft, your world... go fly!

Standout Features:

  • Updated (SP1) to include many improvements and to accomodate user requests such as a second CDI
  • Realistic flight dynamics, including faithfully simulated single engine operation
  • Custom ownership levels with persistent state and wear tracking
  • Engaging & extensive total engine and system realism, including failure capabilities
  • By-the-books operation, from startup through to shutdown
  • Exterior dirt and interior clutter accretion over time with user-defined levels and rate of change
  • Configurable avionics suite with inclusion of analog radios, GNS 530/430, plus the capability to display the PMS 750 & TDS 750XI
  • MSFS native sound environment featuring exquisite IO-520-M engine noise, systems audio and advanced physics based airflow sounds
  • 8 beautiful HD liveries, including one without a tail number to allow for user configuration

The 310R is a twin-engine, low-wing, light aircraft introduced in 1975 that can carry up to six, including the pilot. The airplane was the last production variant of the 310 series that first took to the skies in 1953.

Powered by dual 285-horsepower piston engines turning three-blade propellers, the 310R boasts a cruise speed of 205 miles per hour, a top speed of 220 mph, and a ceiling of nearly 20,000 feet above sea level. Built for performance and efficiency, the 310R has a steeply swept-back vertical stabilizer, retractable tricycle landing gear, and distinctive wingtip fuel tanks. Distinguishing the 310R over previous models of this aircraft is its extended nose that contains a baggage compartment. It also boasts a maximum take-off weight of 5,500 pounds.

Timeless in form, the 310R is both a graceful and aggressive performer. Roar into the heights, retract the landing gear, and experience the power of this twin-engined classic while cruising at high altitudes or carving turns just above treetop level.


ENGINEIO-520M (x2)
RANGE725 nm
MAX WEIGHT5500 lbs
LENGTH31.96 ft
WINGSPAN36.92 ft