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Introducing the 530F by Shrike Simulations: Unleash the Thrill of Vertical Mastery in Your Flight Simulator!

The 530F is a high-performance light helicopter, serving private, commercial, law enforcement and military needs the world over. Designed to carry a full load in hot temperatures and at high altitude, the 530F is suitable for a wide range of missions in almost any environment.

Experience the essence of rotary-wing aviation with the 530F helicopter, meticulously crafted for flight simulation enthusiasts of all levels. This virtual rotorcraft brings the renowned 530F to life, delivering a high level of authenticity and immersion to your flight simulator experience while remaining approachable enough for anyone to jump in and fly.

Our 530F was created with a beautiful level of detail with a very well featured cockpit, high resolution modeling and realistic textures. While not a highly complex machine, a detailed electrical system and accurate engine instrumentation allows you to operate the 530 to real world procedures.

Whether you're a seasoned rotorcraft pilot or a passionate flight simulation enthusiast, the 530F is a must-have addition to your virtual hangar!

Standout Features

  • A challenging yet fun flight model that balances the difficulties of handling a helicopter with the joy of experiencing rotorcraft flight.
  • Enhanced systems to provide realistic feedback on engine behavior.
  • Capability to start from cold and dark following proper procedures for turbine engines.
  • Fully interactive cockpit, including operable doors, circuit breakers and more.
  • Configurable options include a FLIR pod, operable searchlight, and removeable front doors.
  • Full checklist with auto-complete functionality.
  • Dynamic lighting for realistic night flying.
  • Ten highly detailed liveries based on real world examples.

The 530F is a single-engine, lightweight, multi-role utility helicopter. The rotorcraft can carry up to four passengers, including pilot, and can be operated by one or two. This model was developed, and has proven to be exceptionally effective, for “high and hot” operation. It has the added power to perform in high density altitude conditions (due to high altitude or high temperature conditions where the air density is reduced). The helicopter has proven to be extremely versatile, allowing a wide range of mission sets, including military, law enforcement, search and rescue, and general civil applications. It has advanced flight controls making it eminently responsive, and it can accommodate a wide range of situational awareness systems specific to its various possible applications.

The 530F measures 32 feet, 7 inches in length, stands 8 feet, 9 inches high, has a 5-blade main rotor system with a diameter of 27 feet, 4 inches, and a 2-blade tail rotor. The rotorhead is a fully articulated system and it uses a static mast support for the rotor system. It is powered by a 650-shaft horsepower turboshaft engine and has a 375-shaft horsepower drive system.

The 530F has a range of 223 miles and a maximum cruising speed of 130 miles per hour. It has a service ceiling of 18,700 feet above sea level, an in-ground effect hover limit of 16,000 feet above sea level, and an out-of-ground effect hover limit of 14,000 feet above sea level.