Aerosoft CRJ Sound

Boris Audio Works


4.4/5 (7)

This sound set is compatible with the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700/900/1000 variants. It has been created from recordings using industry-standard equipment from real CRJ aircraft from the cockpit, cabin, and exterior. It has been tested by real CRJ pilots and carefully tweaked to be accurate and realistic. Immerse yourself with our meticulously crafted sound set using high-fidelity recordings, bringing every aspect of the CRJ aircraft to life. Take your CRJ experience to the next level with this detailed sound set with features:

  • Authentic button, switch, and lever sounds
  • Interior and exterior CF-34 turbine sounds
  • Ground rolls and touchdown sounds all dependent on different variables
  • High-quality ambiance from avionics fans, packs, hydraulics
  • And more! *Please feel free to ask for support and suggestions through email via We hope this sound addition will make your CRJ flights more thrilling!