FreedomFox/Fox2 - Complete Pack



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NOTE: This purchase includes all content from the Fox2 Base pack.

The only Kitfox you will ever need, packaged with all the essentials to start your bush flying journey. The complete pack includes two aircraft, Trent Palmer's FreedomFox and an aircraft we like to call Fox2, in 6 unique configurations and 33 Fox2 liveries. You'll also receive 4 sceneries inspired by real-world adventures. FFOX - Desert Oasis, 42BC Bush Plane Campout, 42MX Mexican Mountain, 42MW Mount Patterson Camps.

---FreedomFox--- Parallel 42 (//42) built FreedomFox for MSFS based on its 23 configuration in full collaboration with aviation YouTuber Trent Palmer. FreedomFox started as a Series 5 Kitfox STi. The STi stands for STOL Inspired, Kitfox Aircraft's short take-off and landing wing and gear package. FreedomFox runs a Rotax 915iS Turbocharged Fuel-Injected engine, Beringer Aero wheels and brakes, dual Garmin G3X units, and other custom modifications. Our team worked hard to ensure this representation of FreedomFox behaves as Trent says it should, and after testing it himself, Trent's signature on the dash validates our final product.

---Fox2--- Fox2 is also based on a Series 5 Kitfox STi, with variants inspired by various real-world custom counterparts. We were inspired to create an aircraft comfortable with modern amenities and easily configured for competitive STOL events. Fox2 includes experimental engine variants, analog gauges, and even a "Competition" variant with extreme weight reduction and custom tuning.

List of available variants (sorted by hp) Fox2 912 iS (Low n' Slow), 100hp Fox2 915 iS (Modern), 141hp Fox2 915 iS (Analog), 141hp Fox2 915 iS (Stage 1), 200hp Fox2 915 iS (Stage 2), 242hp Fox2 915 iS (Competition), 242hp

---Free Scenes--- Our award-winning scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. These are installed with your purchase and have ICAOs that begin with 42xx. Multiple scenes are included at no additional cost as a thank-you for purchasing our aircraft. From the BushPlane Campout to Trent Palmer's "Desert Oasis," you will surely find the perfect little hideout for your adventures.

  • Trent's Home "Desert Oasis", FFOX (exclusive to Complete Pack)
  • Mexican Mountain, 42MX
  • BushPlane Campout, 42BC
  • Mount Patterson Camps, 42MW

NOTE: //42 Campout Utility is sold separately; the aircraft includes a static tent.

The FreedomFox is a two-seat, single-engine STOL (short take-off and landing) kit aircraft. The airplane is a customized variant of the Series 5 Kitfox STi by American aircraft designer KitFox. The FreedomFox sports a distinctive nose-to-tail USA livery.

The FreedomFox measures 18 feet, 5 inches in length, has a strutted high wing with a span of 32 feet, and features side-by-side seating in its cockpit. The aircraft’s modifications include Beringer Aero wheels and brakes and dual Garmin units in its cockpit.

The FreedomFox is powered by a fuel-injected, turbocharged Rotax 915iS 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 141 horsepower and drives a 3-blade propeller. It can take-off in just 250 feet, land in 280, and has a range of up to 900 miles. The aircraft cruises at 110 miles per hour, climbs at 1,300 feet per minute, and its engine has a service ceiling rating of 23,000 feet above sea level.

It’s paint scheme inspired by American patriotism, the FreedomFox, with its exceptional STOL performance and great range, is an aircraft that imparts the freedom to launch, land, and cruise the heights throughout the world.


POWER100-242 HP
FLIGHT MODELTuned by GotGravel
AVIONICSDual G3X units
TIRESVery large