Airline Fleets - Air France

Perfect Flight


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AIRLINE FLEETS is a series focused on the world's major airlines. In this new installment we present Air France, with 12 liveries, including modern, classic and retro repaints.

The complex artwork was created by the now well-known talent Tamas Palfi.

The use of the 3D decal method ensures the highest quality of texture resolution.

Liveries List:

  • Douglas DC-3 F-BBBE
  • Airbus A310-300 F-GEMO
  • Airbus A310-300 Retro F-BVGF
  • Airbus A320 Neo F-GFKA
  • Airbus A320 Neo Modern F-HEPE
  • Airbus A320 Neo Modern Klm F-HEPF
  • Airbus A320 Neo 80 Years F-HEPG
  • Airbus A320 Neo Retro F-GEKJ
  • Boeing 747 JUMBO F-BPVL
  • Boeing 747 Modern F-GITH
  • Boeing 747 Retro F-GPVE
  • Boeing 787-10 Modern F-HRBC