Airline Fleets - Lufthansa

Perfect Flight


4.6/5 (14)

AIRLINE FLEETS is a series focused on major airlines. In this first installment we present Lufthansa, with 14 liveries, including modern, classic and retro.

The complex artwork was created by the now well-known talent Tamas Palfi.

The use of the 3D decal method ensures the highest quality of texture resolution.

Liveries List:

  • Airbus A310-300 Lufthansa Express D-AID
  • Airbus A310-300 Jet Age Retro
  • Airbus A320 Neo Modern
  • Airbus A320 Neo Lovehansa
  • Airbus A320 Neo Haupstadtflieger
  • Airbus A320 Neo ABPA
  • Airbus A320 Neo Retro
  • Boeing 747-8i Modern
  • Boeing 747-8i Classic
  • Boeing 747-8i Fanhansa
  • Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa D-ABYM
  • Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa Retro
  • Boeing 787-10 D-ABPA
  • Cessna CJ4 European Flight Academy