EDMJ Jesenwang Airport



3.9/5 (18)

Jesenwang is one of the most famous German General Aviation airfields in Bavaria and Germany due to its very short runway (408 x 12m). Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Jesenwang is at the top of the list of German airfields approached, due to its idyllic atmosphere and above all its perfect location between Munich, Lake Ammersee and the Alps.

The runway alignments are RWY07 and RWY25. Jesenwang is 567.2 meters above sea level (1861ft) and is designed for aircraft with 3 tons MTOW, helicopters up to 5.7 tons MTOW and ultralights.

Resident is the airfield operator family Walch with his Air Charter, the flight school Air Munich Aviation, GILWA Luftfahrttechnik, Weiß Flugelektonik as well as a wonderful airfield restaurant under the management of the dear Gitti Walch.

We dedicate this space in loving memory of our dear Franz in the tower, who unfortunately left us much too early. Franz, we will never forget you.


  • Every building as well as the playground and refueling facility at the airfield was modeled after the original down to the last detail
  • Close cooperation with the airfield operator on site to create an atmosphere like in reality
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POI Ammersee Nordspitze, Andechs Monastery, St.Ottilien Monastery, complete aerodrome circuit elements included, Raisting satellite system, Hohenpeißenberg
  • Parking lots, traffic lights, navigation points
  • Hangar gates automatically animated according to time, opening and closing
  • Hangar interior design based on reality