EDMY Muehldorf Airport



4.7/5 (18)

Mühldorf am Inn airfield is located 2 km north of Mühldorf am Inn at an altitude of 1331 ft (405.70 m) and is about 73 km from Munich. Austria is only 14 miles away and the Czech Republic is only 55 miles away. Within a short distance you can reach the Chiemsee, Salzburg and the beautiful capital Munich. The course offers an 850-meter asphalt runway, which can be approached absolutely free of obstacles. If necessary, even 1200 meters are available through the offset threshold, but this is only on PPR request. The airfield round trip altitude at EDMY is 2500 Ft MSL. Approaching from Munich, the control zones C with 4500 ft and 5500 ft have to be observed. All common types of fuel are available at the fuel station. This makes it so attractive for all types of pilots - from powered aircraft to ultralights, beautiful warbirds to classic gliders. Mühldorf also has landing lights for night approaches. This was tried to be represented in the simulator as realistically as possible.


  • Every building as well as the playground and the refueling station at the airfield were modeled after the original down to the last detail.
  • Close cooperation with the airfield operator on site to create an atmosphere like in reality
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POIS like model airfield in approach sector 08
  • Complex tower model with authentic restaurant- Modified night lighting and PAPI- Extremely complex recreated airfield structure with all flight schools and signage modeled true to the original