EDNL Leutkirch Unterzeil Airport



4.7/5 (22)

Leutkirch-Unterzeil is a commercial airfield in the Allgäu and is located 20 km southeast of Memmingen between Tannheim and Kempten. The operator of the airfield is the noble house Waldburg-Zeil.The airfield was licensed as a motorized airfield in 1954 and is located at 639.8m MSL (2099 ft). The original runway alignment of RWY06 and 24 was changed to RWY 05 and RWY 23 (already corrected in the simulator) in November 2021. The runway data are 1020m x 20 m asphalt, aircraft with MTOW 5.7 tons and helicopters up to 6 tons are allowed. Ballooning, parachuting by the Flying Nuggets, night flying, microlight flying and glider towing are also operated at the Leutkirch airfield. The complex folding mechanism of the maintenance hangar, as well as the hangar itself, have been recreated from the original down to the last architectural detail.


  • Every building, as well as the playground and refueling facility at the airfield, was modeled after the original down to the last detail
  • Close cooperation with the airfield operator on site to create an atmosphere like in reality
  • Sophisticated night lighting
  • POIS such as Zeil Castle, woodwork with high crane and approach light, refueling facilities in the west, individually built roads
  • Each advertising banner at the airfield corresponds to the original at the airfield
  • Updated landing directions since November 2021 on runway 23 and 05
  • Hangar gates automatically animated according to the time, opening and closing with very complex mechanism
  • Extremely complex replicated hangar architecture, modeled one-to-one on the original