0U3 Mahoney Creek Airstrip + D47 Cougar Ranch

Creative Mesh


4.1/5 (77)

Visit the airfields 0U3 Mahoney Creek USFS and D47 Cougar Ranch in one of Idaho's most beautiful valleys. The airfields, which are only a 20-minute flight from 3U2 Johnson Creek, are right next to each other in the Middle Fork Salmon River valley. The almost 700 meter long runway of the 0U3 Mahoney Creek Airfield is located on a natural plateau above the Middle Fork Salmon River. The slope consists of loose gravel and is only limited by a sparse marking. Due to the relatively long runway and the good location, the place is ideal for newcomers to bush flying and the right place to familiarize themselves with the nature of the gravel tracks in Idaho.

Below the plateau on the other side of the river is the Cougar Ranch Airfield, which was only recently set up in 2019. With a runway length of only 430 meters and a washed-out runway, this airfield between the mountain slopes is a special challenge even for experienced bush pilots. Errors while approaching the runway can have fatal consequences here. The airfields together with the already released airfield 3U2 Johnson Creek by Creative Mesh are perfect for a scenic flight around the idyllic valleys in Idaho with more airfields to come.


  • Two airfields in one package
  • HD objects with PBR textures
  • Highly detailed landscape features
  • Realistic runway slopes with obstacles and bumps
  • Animated windsocks
  • Very good performance thanks to LOD
  • Adapted environment around the airfields
  • Adapted soil textures