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The airport is located entirely in the Township of Fairfield in Essex County, New Jersey. CDW is a general aviation facility whose campus is situated on approximately 278 acres of land. It is located 20 miles west of New York City and 10 miles west of Teterboro Airport. CDW is designated as a reliever airport for the New York\New Jersey region by the Federal Aviation Administration. CDW is a towered, Class D airport located under the 3000’ floor of New York’s Class B Airspace. The control tower operates from 0700 – 2300 hrs. Caldwell provides pilots with two asphalt runways, 4\22 and 10\28. Runway 4\22 is 4552’ x 80` and runway 10\28 is 3719’ x 75’ which have RNAV (GPS) and Localizer approaches. Runway 10\28 has medium intensity runway lights. Runway 22 has high intensity runway lights and a four light Precision Approach Path Indicator or PAPI lighting system along with a two strobe Runway End Identifier Lighting System or REILS.