8AK5 Fort Crosby Airstrip

Emerald Scenery Design


5/5 (10)

IMPORTANT - LIBRARY REQUIRED! Emerald Object Library (Available for free here on Marketplace) is required for this scenery to display as intended! Not installing the library will result in most models not showing throughout the scenery. Emerald Object Library is our own in-house collection of static and dynamic models, materials, and VFX which allows us to push fixes for common assets across multiple products at once, as well as keep the required space of our addons to a minimum by eliminating duplicates in each project.

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WELCOME TO FORT CROSBY! Fort Crosby (8AK5) is a private airstrip located 12.5 m (23.1 km) to the Northwest of Talkeetna, Alaska. It has a single gravel runway with roughly 1500 ft (457 m) usable, which makes it quite comfortable for most General Aviation aircraft. The only real restriction being on the Northern half of the runway where Dirt and Snow Berms (during the Winter) restrict wingspan and clearance.

Following in the footsteps of our previous releases, Fort Crosby has been brought to life in incredible detail, with a heavy focus on environmentals and dynamic features!

FEATURES A coverage area of 4 m (7.4 km;), including multiple custom Cabins and Houses with extra details throughout. All models use PBR textures, up to 4K resolution. Color-matched aerial imagery at 30cm/px. Digital Elevation Model with hand-crafted terraforming at 2m/px, and fully compatible with ORBX's Alaska Mesh. Custom environmentals including Weeds, Wildflowers, Native Shrubs, 3D Trees, Rocks, and Logs. Custom Gravel and Dirt ground materials with NRM textures for PBR and added detail. Custom Hangar with dynamic features, interior modeling, environmental occluder, and a parking spawn. Custom animated wildlife: Bears, Fox, Moose, & Wild Boar roam the coverage area. Dynamic SFX using Wwise.

DYNAMIC FEATURES Animated Hangar Door - Opens when your aircraft is parked inside of or just in front of the Hangar. Bears - Can be found crossing the runway and roaming the scenery. Will go into hibernation when temperatures fall below freezing. Birds SFX (Downy Woodpecker, Fox Sparrow, Great Horned Owl, Woodpecker) - Not audible when Rain or Snow is reported. Woodpecker randomly switches between call and drumming sounds. See documentation for more info on when they can be heard! Butterflies - Visible around flowers from May through September. Includes 4 different Alaska native variations! Will not show when Rain or Snow is reported. Fox - Roams around the airstrip. Will call roughly every 6 minutes. Clock - Located on the back wall of the Hangar. Fully functional based on local sim time and plays ticking SFX (Wwise). Improved Lighting - Hangar lighting is functional from Dusk-Dawn and while Raining or Snowing. Morel Mushrooms - Pop up around the airstrip from May to July. Commonly found around Rocks and Logs. Rain Puddles - Appear when Rain has been reported in the area. Roof Snow & Icicles - 3D Snow & Icicles will appear on the Hangar Roof when snow depth has been reported on the ground. Snow Berms - Snow Berms will appear around the runway when snow depth has been reported on the ground. VFX - Smoke and Campfire VFX will appear throughout the scenery once temperatures fall to 50F (10C) or below.