EDXW Sylt Westerland Airport



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Sylt is probably the poshest place in Germany, but it is also a very beautiful and unique place. Located in the utmost North of Germany, this slim island is the dream destination for tourists, surfers, sea lovers and lots of celebrities. While tourists like to reach the island via ferry or train, using the Hindenburgdamm as the only solid link to the island, the rich and famous like to reach Sylt through the air. The airport of Westerland can host planes up to the size of the Airbus A320. You'll sometimes see a Eurowings Airbus parked at the ramp, but you will certainly always see several private/charter aircraft parked at the GA ramp. Whatever aircraft you use – make sure you prepare for some rough landings, as there is always a stiff wind blowing from the North Sea! This addon is the perfect match for our Landmarks of Germany - Schleswig-Holstein & Hamburg. Check it out now here in the Marketplace!